Marketing Communications that Deliver Results

The 2016 end-of-year fundraising appeal focused on specific examples of how a donor’s past giving helped to make a difference in the life of a youth. The example here was created for donors to the East Bay division and that described how one youth achieved success as a result of the division’s signature program. This donor-centered approach to the annual campaign produced a 50% increase in year-end giving over the previous year.

I initiated and oversaw a branding refresh for Sunny Hills Services, which lacked brand clarity and awareness, despite more than 120 years in existence, due to programmatic changes. We partnered with Mission Minded, a branding firm that works exclusively with nonprofit organizations and foundations. 

Each year the annual fundraiser, the Starlight Gala, featured a new theme and campaign to enhance the Chabot brand and mission. We relied heavily on email¬† marketing and social media, the preferred means of communication for our target audience. A quarterly donor newsletter, StarStuff, further supported the post-event stewardship and updated donors on the impact of giving to Chabot’s educational mission and also provided content for social media. The 2015 year-end fundraising appeal was segmented (member only or donor-only) and also provided the new CEO with an opportunity to communicate his plans for the museum.