Here’s a sampling of what colleagues and board members will tell you about Stephanie’s skills and abilities.

David Brin, Development Officer, Sunny Hills Services (retired)

I have worked as a fundraising professional for more than ten years, and I have been supervised by many directors of development over those years. Among all these development directors, Stephanie Casenza stands out as not only the easiest and most pleasant to work with, but the one who has the most knowledge of the complex world of fundraising. Stephanie is energetic and inspired her team at Sunny Hills Services to do their best. She sees the “big picture” and understands the importance of each component of a fundraising plan.

Melissa Russo, CFRE, Director at San Bernardino County Museum and former Director of Institutional Advancement, Chabot Space & Science Center

Stephanie is a tremendous fundraiser and manager. She is highly knowledgeable, resourceful, and her instincts are impeccable. She’s experienced in all aspects of fund development, and she understands how to produce successful events, small to large. She was well liked by colleagues, members, and donors.

Michael Mills, Director, Peralta Colleges Foundation and Chairperson, Academic Awards Committee

Thank you for your achievements.  You transformed our foundation from a mess in a box into a true, legitimate entity worthy of its label of Peralta Colleges Foundation.  It was and remains a wonderful accomplishment.  Your organizational skills alone are in a (major) league of their own.